CEMS Club Warsaw


The biggest consulting conference for CEMS MIM students from all around the world.


WARroom is one of the largest consulting conferences in Poland and is aimed exclusively at students of the CEMS MIM programme. WARroom fills the gap between theoretical study at university and the reality of companies, by confronting students with real business case studies. The event is also an opportunity to meet potential employers, meet CEMS MIM students from other universities and discover new career paths.

Main objectives

The aim of the project is to familiarise participants with the realities of working in the consulting industry, allowing them to test themselves in such an environment through interesting workshops and case studies.


At the opening, a gala event is organised where the organisers welcome participants. At the end of the conference, a ceremony summarising the entire event takes place, during which certificates of participation are presented.

The main objective of the case study is to show students real business cases. Participants solve case studies under the supervision of consultants, and then present their solutions.

Various additional activities are organised during the event, such as team-building events or city tours. During these events, participants have the opportunity to get to know each other better and integrate.

This is a dinner where participants can present in front of company employees and recruiters in a casual atmosphere. After each meal, seating is rearranged so that each participant has the opportunity to get to know everyone.