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As CEMS Club Warsaw we provide an academic support for CEMS MIM cohort. The CEMS Master’s in International Management is an amazing opportunity for Master students to participate in the programme which is consistently ranked in the top of the FT Global Master in Management and QS Masters in Management rankings. It is a joint degree delivered by CEMS Academic Members. It is a postgraduate, pre-experience degree open to a select group of students enrolled in a Master’s programme at one of the leading universities in the CEMS Alliance

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What is CEMS MIM?

The CEMS MIM is a one-year master’s programme offered by a Global Alliance of leading business schools, multinational companies and NGOs that together offer one of the top ranked master’s programmes in management globally (11th out of 203 programs in the QS 2023 Masters in Management Rankings). The program allows you to obtain a CEMS diploma in parallel with your SGH degree.

The recruitment process for CEMS MIM is open at the beginning of academic year exclusively to SGH first-year full-time master’s students of all programmes and majors. Persons qualified for the CEMS MIM programme complete it concurrently with the second year of their master’s degree at SGH.

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What does CEMS MIM Journey include?

  • Experiencing a global lifestyle through studying for a semester abroad in one school of the alliance
  • Choosing from a broad set of locally and globally offered electives to develop new capabilities and competencies
  • Networking with Corporate and Social Partners in the curriculum and beyond
  • Accessing the network of all CEMS schools, students and alumni, participating either physically or virtually in global and/or regional events
  • Traveling, connecting and networking with CEMS students through the various CEMS clubs activities and overseas meetings happening all year around
  • Enhancing your CV and accessing new opportunities via the Skill Seminars and CEMS career fairs


Online application

Filling in the CEMS and SGH forms with required information and uploading necessary files, including:

  • English language commercial certificate at the required level,
  • a certificate in a second foreign language of at least B1 level, if applicable (for bachelor's degree graduates at SGH, a certificate from the CNJO on completion of the lectures is acceptable),
  • CV (on template provided on SGH website),
  • link to 2-minute self-presentation video,
  • ranking of preferences for a university abroad.
Mid-October – early November
Assessment Centre
Two-hour work in groups on a common task.
Interview with representatives of CEMS Office at SGH, alumni, corporate partners including questions on your motivation to join CEMS MIM programme, your future plans, your choices of universities abroad etc.
End of November – half of December