CEMS Club Warsaw

Paderewski Academy

Project focused on the world of politics, social and economical issues. It consists of series of workshops and seminars.


A project that addresses political, social and economic issues. It consists of a series of workshops, lectures and seminars. It is designed for students interested in domestic and foreign politics who want to broaden their knowledge of Poland’s international relations and economics, especially for those planning a career in diplomacy or public administration.

Main objectives

To broaden participants’ knowledge of politics, economics and general world knowledge with the support of experts in their fields.


Led by leading experts in their fields. The wide range of topics, from scientific article writing methodologies to cyber security, gives participants a unique opportunity to develop soft skills, social and moral sensitivity as well as practical skills

Lectures with well-known and competent representatives of the Polish political arena, economists and diplomats build political awareness and broaden students’ horizons.

Seminars are a series of events open to everyone, which is the only element of the Paderewski Academy that takes place before the main conference. Seminarists address the most important topics present in public discourse.