CEMS Club Warsaw

Inspiring Solutions

The largest student-run conference in Poland, dedicated to IT applications in business.


Inspiring Solutions is the largest student conference about the use of IT in business. We believe that modern IT solutions are the driving force behind innovative business. Thanks to us, innovative business meets creative thinking students from all over Poland who during the conference have the opportunity to participate in workshops organised by our partners.

Main objectives

➤   To introduce conference participants to speakers and ambitious individuals from across the country.

➤   To introduce participants to the latest IT solutions used in business.


A 3-day event held in Warsaw with panels, talks and workshops led by invited speakers, international business and IT professionals or corporate partners.

Mini-conferences that take place in smaller locations and carry an unforgettable atmosphere, allowing participants to learn from others’ failures and know what to beware of on their own path to their dreams. The speakers at this series of events are entrepreneurs and startup owners who have had numerous failures that have not stopped them on their way to success.

One of the most important events of the Inspiring Solutions project, which precedes the Main Conference. During IS Day, active promotion of the project takes place throughout the day in the Parachute Auditorium at SGH.

Workshops held as part of the Inspiring Solutions Main Conference. Most often conducted by partner companies or IT specialists. They give participants the chance to learn hard skills that play an incredibly important role in the world of technology.

Discussions held as part of the Inspiring Solutions Main Conference, where speakers/company representatives address the most interesting trending topics in business IT.

A panel, held during the Inspiring Solutions Main Conference, whose main focus is on discussions between speakers, focusing on the intricacies of the world of technology.