CEMS Club Warsaw

Healthcare Business Forum

Student conference dedicated to the topic of management in healthcare.


Healthcare Business Forum is a student conference dedicated to the topic of management in the healthcare sector. The event brings together speakers who bridge the worlds of business and medicine in their daily lives usually through their innovative tools, approach or management style. The event is aimed at students who are curious about the topic of connecting the worlds of business and health or see potential for development in this direction.

Main objectives

The aim of the project is to educate students about the business aspect of the Healthcare industry and to develop soft skills.


This is the project’s opening conference, which takes the form of a lecture. It is usually held within the walls of the Warsaw Medical University

This is a series of five meetings with experts and representatives of the medical industry, attended by 30 participants selected in the recruitment process. The meetings are stationary workshops. Very often each is followed by an integration of the participants as they come from different universities.

This is the main conference that closes the whole event. The finale includes open workshops organised by the event’s corporate partners and a panel discussion. In some of the first iterations of this event, the HBF also included a job fair.