CEMS Club Warsaw


Project which connects the world of business and e-sport.


E-con is a new initiative which connects the world of business and e-sport. Project is held in Warsaw School of Economics and gives the opportunity to meet people from those two worlds. The unique formula consists of entertainment, visionary look for possible cooperation and giving students the opportunity to uncover rocketing world of gaming.

Main objectives

The project aims to connect the thriving e-sports and gaming market with the business world. It helps to show the potential of this industry.


ECON Day is held in the Parachute Auditorium, featuring gaming consoles, arcade machines, and a variety of snacks. It’s an event where students can enjoy PlayStation/Xbox setups, classic arcade games, and some tasty treats. The Parachute Auditorium becomes a place to have casual and enjoyable time, bringing together students for a day of gaming and shared experiences.

E-con workshops offer a unique opportunity to explore different facets of esports. Invited speakers cover topics ranging from game development and scriptwriting to marketing strategies. 

ECON’s esports tournament features intense competitions in popular titles such as FIFA and League of Legends. The tournament adds a competitive edge to E-con’s dynamic event, providing a platform for skilled players to showcase their abilities in the esports arena.