CEMS Club Warsaw

Diverse Internship Programme

The contest for students, promoting the idea of CSR and diversity.


The Diverse Internship Programme is a competition where students from all over Poland solve real business problems for companies. The best solution is rewarded with a paid internship and other prizes. The DIP promotes the subjects of corporate social responsibility and diversity. During three stages, participants face tasks prepared in cooperation with Partners mainly in the form of case studies, within a given thematic path.

Main objectives

The aim of the Diverse Internship Programme competition is to shape responsible and conscious attitudes among students and to promote the idea of corporate social responsibility.


  1. Completion of an online form and submission of a CV
  2. Solving a project task on their own, which selected participants receive by e-mail.
  3. Final taking place on the premises of the Warsaw School of Economics – solving the case study in groups of three and presenting the solution in the form of a presentation.

During the final in Warsaw the participants take part in meetings with the project partners and are provided with additional attractions not directly related to the topic of the competition.