CEMS Club Warsaw

CEMS Chance

A CSR project which aims to help young people make educational decisions and plan their career paths.


CEMS Chance is a social initiative targeted at young people aged 14-16 from all over Poland. We help young people to choose their life path and motivate them to self-development. Through this event we want to help young people who have a difficult start in adult life. Selected 30 people are invited to a four-day stay in Warsaw, during which various attractions, workshops and meetings await the participants. Since the first edition, we have ensured that participants do not lack anything. Participants are provided with accommodation, full board and various attractions.

Main objectives

Our main goal is to offer help and support to young people in difficult life situations who are facing many decisions about their future in the near future. We want to support teenagers who, due to social and economic barriers, have a difficult start in their adult social and professional life. The project aims to awaken in young people the desire to learn, develop their personal development in the broadest sense of the word and develop their interests and passions.


Selected 30 people are invited for a four-day stay in Warsaw, during which participants can participate in various attractions, workshops and meetings.

Consists of 2 mentoring sessions and accompanying events. This part consists mainly of games and integration activities, so that participants have a chance to get to know each other even before arriving in Warsaw, and individual workshops with speakers.

Each participant gets his or her own mentor, with which they have two online meetings. The mentor tries to help the participant acclimatise to the chance. To make this relationship fun right from the start, 1:1 mentoring sessions are held to break the initial ice. The meetings are mainly aimed at getting to know the participants better, their passions, goals and interests.

A themed day to promote the CEMS Chance project. We set up our stand in the Parachute Auditorium to encourage SGH students to become mentors in CEMS Chance.