CEMS Club Warsaw

Graduate Programme Day

The largest student fair of management programmes in Poland.


Graduate Programme Day is the biggest job fair at SGH. It is a fair created for students in their final years of studies, but also for all those who would like to get familiar with the offers of companies operating in Poland and those who are looking for interesting job offers for the summer or longer.

Main objectives

The GPD aims to familiarise students with the most interesting internship and management programmes offered by international companies in various industries and to give them an idea of what it is like to work in these companies from the inside.


This is the main part of the project, during which companies set up a job fair in the Parachute Hall. At the partners’ stands you can find out a lot of interesting information about internship and apprenticeship offers and take part in competitions or other interesting activities.

This is an opportunity to send recruiters your CV. On the event’s website, you can find many internship and apprenticeship offers and find out what kind of employees partner companies are waiting for.

During the event, workshops are organised with companies in various forms: Q&A, case studies, or workshops presenting interesting aspects of working with the companies. These take place online or in person. During the workshops, participants have the opportunity to find out what it is like to work in a company “from behind the scenes” and to test themselves in interesting case studies, which can also be a ticket to work in a company.

This is a dinner where you can present yourself in front of company employees and recruiters in a relaxed atmosphere. Each meal is followed by a change of seating arrangements so that each participant has the opportunity to get to know everyone.